Which paint should I choose?

On this page, we can guide you to the right paint – regardless of which creative project you are about to start. We have many different types, and each paint is designed for specific surfaces and materials – which is why we also want to make sure you get the paint that gives you the best results. Follow our guide to find out which paint to use.

Paint for art on canvas

We recommend acrylic paint specially developed for use on canvas. Acrylic is characterised by its thick, pasty consistency, which makes it possible to apply a number techniques, for example filling. At the same time, it also has a high content of light-fast colour pigment, which prevents the paintings colours from fading in sunlight.

Good artist color for children

Good quality

Studio quality

Paint for decorating wood, papier mache and similar

Items made of e.g. wood, clay, terracotta, gypsum gauze, pulp and papier-mache are absorbent. It is therefore important that the paint covers well, regardless of whether the subject is light or dark. Our water-based hobby paints do that. They are all full coverage with high viscosity (thick liquid) that dries evenly in waterproof quality so you can wipe the item with a damp cloth. In fact, you only have to decide which finish you want and whether you want to apply the paint with a felt-tip pen, which is excellent for detailed lines and patterns.

Silk matt when dry

Silk matt when dry

Matt when dry

Intense metal effect

Paint for painting projects for children

We recommend paints that are water-based. You can let even small children use the products in this category when experimenting with the art of painting. The paint is suitable for use on thin card, cardboard and paint boards, and is equally popular for painting on light-coloured items such as plaster gauze, pulp, polystyrene and wood (darker items should be primed first). All you need to decide is what effect the paint will have.




Paint for decorating textiles

Paints for textile decoration have a special feature. When the paint is dry - often after ironing - it retains its bright colour, even after the textile piece has been washed. Choose between different types depending on the purpose and fabric type, as well as whether you want to apply the colour with a brush or with a marker. You can also decorate textiles with special 3D paint for dots or text in relief, for example. This does not require fixing, and the finished piece can then be carefully washed by hand.

Used on light fabrics

Suitable for smaller children

For dyeing cotton

Used for details

Paint for decorating glass and porcelain

Paint developed for use on glass and porcelain adheres well to most smooth surfaces. Some types will even be safe for dishwashers after being heat-fixed in a conventional oven, while others are fine to wash with mild detergent by hand. In addition, you need to decide which finish you want and whether you want to apply the paint with a brush or marker. Glass and porcelain paint is also suitable for use on plastic, for example, as well as untreated, light terracotta.

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