Creative kit – Figures made from cardboard tubes


Creative kit – Figures made from cardboard tubes

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Contents: cardboard tubes, Sticky Base, cardboard, wiggly eyes, pom-poms, chenille (pipe cleaners), EVA foam circles, Foam Clay, markers and yarn.

Unleash your imagination with this kit, which contains various crafting items for all the creative activities you can think of, including cardboard tubes, pom-poms, chenille pipe cleaners, and so on. Use the colourful materials to decorate the cardboard tubes and create fun, fantastic figures.

Get stuck into the wealth of decorative materials in this kit and transform the cardboard tubes into fun characters. For example, you can cover the tubes with Foam Clay, stick on pom-poms or EVA foam circles or wrap chenille and yarn around them. Use your imagination and let your creations be as wild as you like. Use the Sticky Base supplied to glue the different materials in place. Sticky Base is self-hardening and adheres to matte and absorbent surfaces such as cardboard..

Get inspiration and ideas for what to make from the pictures. For example, you can use the kit in our crafting bingo – a fun, creative board game for the whole family

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