Glass and porcelain markers

1 Pack, 6 pc, Line 1-3 mm, Additional Colours
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Semi-opaque, water-based marker with a fixed felt tip for glass and porcelain. Once cured in the oven, the item is dishwasher safe on mild cycles.

If you need glass and porcelain markers, we can clearly recommend these – they are good for many different creative projects – and can easily be used by children. If you want to decorate your own piece of glass or porcelain, the surface must be clean and grease-free – and the finished piece has to dry for four hours. Then place it in a cold oven, set the temperature to 160 degrees and let it cure for 90 minutes..

Get the markers out and throw yourself into lots of fun projects:.

  • Draw colourful patterns on candle glasses
  • Create adorable little Easter eggs
  • Create unique picture wall plates

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cc_composite_opacityOpacity: semi opaque
Retail quantity 1 pack
Content quantity 6 pc
line 1-3 mm
Colour additional colours
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A-label - The product limits both environmental impact and adverse health effects in children, adolescents and adults. The product complies with current legislation as well as stricter requirements set by the Joint Council of Creative & Hobby Materials.
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