Creativ Company; more than a good business


Creotime is behind a number of Scandinavian developed craft accessories and craft concepts,
which can be purchased at selected suppliers in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe.

The craft accessories are used by private, public institutions and professionals within
the creative world.

All products from Creotime meet the current EU legal requirements in quality,
safety and distribution in their respective categories. This is shown in the product
labels on all packaging.

The variety of craft accessories is very broad. New craft accessories are developed
according to Creotimes goal to stay ahead of demand, so the selection is always updated
according to fashion, quality and price.


We would  always be interested in hearing your opinion about our products. Write to us below.

International Office

Rasmus Færchsvej 23,
7500 Holstebro
Tel: (+45) 96 13 30 10